India and pandemic.

The world knows how bad are the conditions in India due to the second wave of the pandemic. Today India reported 3.6 lakh cases. On Tuesday it reported over 3000 deaths. The crematoriums are flooded with dead bodies and people have to wait for their turn to get their loved ones cremated. People don’t evenContinue reading “India and pandemic.”

We’ve been born in a time..

We’ve been born in a timewhere heartbreaks are fanciedand true love seems like a myth,poems of betrayal and heartbreaks are admiredover the poems of love and nature,the celebrity news catches our attention more oftenthen the real issues ever do,feminism is being used by some to play the victim card,mental health has become just a topicContinue reading “We’ve been born in a time..”

Poem: I want to tell my parents.

Sometimes I want to tell my parentsabout how life hit me hardat an age as young as 21,how I got my heart brokennot just once,not just twicebut innumerable times.I want to tell themhow lonely I feel at times,how I spend my sleepless nights cryinguntil my eyes swell upand close unknowinglywithout even trying.I want to tellContinue reading “Poem: I want to tell my parents.”

Rape and death of humanity.

A father couldn’t get a last glance of his daughter,A mother couldn’t kiss her daughter for the last time and bid her adieuAnd a brother couldn’t hold his sister’s hand for the last time and promise her to get the perverts who brutally raped her punished.She was cremated and burnt down into ashes in theContinue reading “Rape and death of humanity.”

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