The Stereotyped Women.

There’s an educated woman who got married and is managing her household and kids giving up on her dreams.

A girl drinking and going out with male friends at night is being called shameless and a slut by society.

A 40-year-old unmarried woman staying alone and doing all the work by herself is being judged by people.

These are just a few examples of how women are looked upon by society which has defined respective gender roles for both males and females. Since childhood girls are given dolls to play and pink to wear. As they get older, they’re started being restricted.
Women should not go out after 8. Women should not wear revealing clothes. They should not go out too often. They should know how to cook and manage the family. This is what society believes in.

A few months back, I went for a job interview related to marketing and during the group discussion round, the interviewer asked if all the female candidates were prepared to do the job as it’ll demand physical work like going from place to place all the time even in burning summers because it is not a women’s job. Even the jobs are divided on the basis of gender. In schools, homes, colleges, workplace and almost everywhere women are underestimated. From sports in school to unequal pay at workplace women face gender-based discrimination.

I’ve seen women sacrificing their dreams and getting married due to family pressure. Family is supposed to be the support system of every person but sometimes it does stuff which isn’t okay.  I’ve seen families who have stopped their girls from studying at a certain point because they wanted her to get married. So many women compromise with their dreams and aspirations and get married. Their dreams are caged and they are forbidden to fly in the vast sky.

A girl who drinks or smokes or hangs out with male friends is ultimately tagged as a slut by people. I’ve seen a girl being called a slut by her own family members for having a boyfriend. How could someone even justify saying such words to a girl?

These stereotypes affect the self-respect of women. They affect the dreams and aspirations of women. Many women even get depressed when they face these stereotypes. But women have come a long way now. They’re breaking these stereotypes everywhere and proving themselves. Today’s women know their worth. They know what they deserve. Even society is trying to reshape itself now. Hope that the coming times would bring a better world for women so that they don’t have to struggle to prove themselves worthy.

Published by Shivani Gupta

Feeling. Writing. Healing.🌸❀

57 thoughts on “The Stereotyped Women.

  1. “Their dreams are caged and they are forbidden to fly in the vast sky.”

    The part of me that wants to see things sensibly doesn’t understand stereotypes, since they are unreasonable. Each person is not a type. I mean, I’ve suffered for being typed and borne my own assumptions, I’m sure. But let’s consider equal pay for equal work. That is not reasonable; it isn’t mathematical. And the fact that women still are not paid what men are comes across impractically. Unethically, illegally as well.

    The killing of dreams is worse. It is spirit-wounding (if not spirit-killing) and should be considered an act, if not a crime, against individual humanity. Not to mention freedom in will and direction.

    This posting has great impact, even more when paired with the earlier post about men and stereotypes.

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  2. Well written..
    Society is changing albeit slowly… women have come a long way…not just marketing ..they have entered even defence forces till recently the sole right of males…sitting on judgement is our time pass…even men are judged…
    Keep at it..society has to change..

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  3. wow this is amazing i have really felt that…

    ”I’ve seen a girl being called a slut by her own family members for having a boyfriend. How could someone even justify saying such words to a girl?”
    This is deep…..
    great article

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  4. Great point about gender stereotypes! Women are held back through latent assumptions about what they can, cannot do, or should do. This gets even harder if you come from a patriarchal society. I grew up in an Asian-American home and I felt confused to the mixed messages I heard. My parents were different in wanting me to get the highest degree, because that would make me self-sufficient apart from a man. lol. This is complicated though…their dream imposed on me and to be obedient child, must obey. yikes. Just wanted to share my thoughts about this.
    And thank you for following my blog! I’m following you back and looking forward to reading more of your future posts.

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  5. Such an amazing post, Shivani! Such is the reality for many women- especially those living in small towns. I was one such woman judged harshly by everyone and it cut me to my core. But not so much anymore. Long ago, I stopped caring what others thought and they seemed to leave me alone after that! Thank you so much for posting. This piece stirred a lot of memories and emotions in me.

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