A confession to YOU.

Hey you. I hope at least you’re doing good because I’m not. It’s been months without you now but it still seems like yesterday you were here telling me that you love me and will never leave me. I’m still stuck there. To be true, I miss you a lot. Every single day feels so heavy and empty without you. I’m still going on with my random crying sessions. There are days when I blame both of us for everything that happened but there are also days when I think that it was none of our faults. I feel guilty now because I realize that you were right so many times but I never listened to you. We had to compromise for something which isn’t going to happen right now. Things could’ve been so much sorted and better if only we had the power to see our future.

I feel like I lost so much. I always feel something missing since you left. I miss your presence in my life. I’ll always have a part of you in me. At the end of the day, I’ve no one to share my feelings with. I’ve no one to tell how suffocating it becomes sometimes and how difficult everything is to deal with now. Life becomes so complicated as we grow up. We see and experience so much as time goes on.

I don’t know if you love me anymore or not or if you even think about me now but, I still love you. I can never get you off my mind. You live in it and you’ll reside there forever. If only it was that easy to forget you. But I hope you know that no matter where I am, I’ll always be there for you whenever you’ll need me. I’m just a text or call away.

I still wish for your success and wellbeing. As I always said, I’m proud of you. I feel happy when I get to know about your achievements. You know I’ve always wanted you to pursue your passion and I’ll be the happiest person when you’ll accomplish your dreams.

In the end, I’ll just say that it’s really hard at times. It was never easy to let you go. I realize that many times you were right and I should’ve listened to you but sometimes I was right too and you should’ve listened to me. I’m tired of crying and being upset all the time. I feel alone and empty. I don’t think you need me now but I’ve always needed you by my side. I still believe in you and wish the best for you. I miss you.❤

Published by Shivani Gupta

Feeling. Writing. Healing.🌸❤

43 thoughts on “A confession to YOU.

  1. Every separation, whatever may be the reason, causes a life long pain…
    People try to move on…the pain moves along..some accept it…some show it .some hide it..
    Emotions presented so well..

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  2. Letting go of a loved one can be tough, even if they didn’t treat you right. Recognize your own self-worth, recognize your own beauty and power, you don’t need anyone else. When you find love again, they will be the lucky one.

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  3. Treat yourself well, Shivani. I do not know your story, just starting to read through some of your posts, but your writing is very raw and heartfelt. It is beautiful and haunting, and painful altogether. Time will begin to heal whenever you are ready. Blessings!! 💝

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