Rape- a vicious crime

My heart aches every time I hear about the news of rape. Rape is one of the most heinous crimes all over the world. These rapists don’t spare anyone, be it a 5-month-old baby or a 90-year-old woman. No explanation or reason can justify rapes.
According to the National Crime Records Bureau’s annual report, 33,356 rape cases were reported across India in 2018. Out of these, more than 93% were committed by someone known by the victim.

Myths about Rapes.

•Rapes happen because of wearing short clothes.

If only rapes happened due to revealing clothes, a woman wearing a burqa or a salwar kameez wouldn’t have been raped. Did a 3-year-old girl wear revealing clothes that she was raped or an 80-year-old woman wear revealing clothes that she was raped? Rape has nothing to do with the clothes a woman wears but it has everything to do with the rapist. Clothes aren’t provocative, it’s the mindset of people that needs to change.

•If a woman is intoxicated when she got raped, it’s her fault.

So it’s okay for men to drink and if women drink then they’re to be blamed for anything that happens with them. This is what some people actually think. A woman who’s drunk isn’t an invitation for rape. It’s her choice to drink and party late at night. Stop blaming women and becoming a shield for rapists.

•It’s impossible to rape a woman unless she wants it.

To all the people who think so, no woman wants to get raped or forced. Not only women but babies are also raped. Did a 2-year-old baby who can’t even speak properly give her consent? No woman would’ve been killed after being raped if only she had given her consent to do so. How low will you people go in order to not blame the rapist?

•Being in a relationship or marriage is consent for sex.

Marital rapes aren’t uncommon. Marriage isn’t a consent to have sex and neither is being in a relationship. No one gets a right on the other person after getting married. No men can force their partner to have sex. No matter what, sex without consent is rape.

•It’s the fault of a woman if she is raped late at night.

Many people believe that women should not go out alone late at night. To all the people who think so, women do get raped in broad daylight and even inside their houses. So how come it’s a woman’s fault if she’s raped late at night?

•Men don’t get raped.

Most part of the world still believes that men aren’t raped but in reality, men are raped too. They’ve also become victims of this heinous crime. They are suffering too but it becomes difficult for them to even talk about rape. According to a survey, 1 out of every 5 males is assaulted or molested in India.

In many cases, I’ve read and heard people saying about some girl that she deserved to be raped. The reason they gave for saying it was that the girl wore short clothes, hung out with boys at night, drank and partied etc. No reason can justify raping someone.

Recently, I read about a female stand-up comedian who got rape and murder threats on the public platform from a guy because according to some people, in one of her shows, she insulted Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj but in reality, she had no intention of doing so yet she apologised for hurting the sentiments of people. I read a post about it on Instagram and saw people commenting that she deserves to be raped and she should be punished like that so that in future no one even dares to do such a thing again. What shocked me was that people were actually justifying why she should be raped. They had reasons and they argued on why she should be raped. Rape threats have become so casual now. No matter what, no one deserves to be raped.

Rape is the fourth most common crime against women. In India, every 15 minutes 1 rape case is reported yet there are many cases that go unreported. The cases are only rising and not decreasing. Even the justice system isn’t strong enough to severely punish the rapists. Much stricter laws are needed now to eradicate the rape culture.

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92 thoughts on “Rape- a vicious crime

  1. I agree that the reasons someone commits rape needs to be explored in much greater detail. I think part of it might well have to do with how boys are raised. Being told ‘be a man’ and ‘not to cry’. We effectively teach them to cut themselves off from their own emotions. Obviously it’s a complex issue but I think it’s too simplistic to simply say harsher punishments are needed. We need to understand how men might get to a stage where they can commit such crimes without remorse in the first place. We will never be able to change what we cannot or refuse to understand. Thank you for raising such an important issue. We all need to be having more of these conversations. 🙏

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      1. I’m not saying that a rapist don’t deserve harsher punishments. Simply that concentrating on the punishment side of things won’t prevent others from committing the crime in the first place. It’s often a very hard crime to prove at any rate. What’s needed is a much more grass roots approach that looks at what makes someone a rapist in the first place so we can prevent other young boys going down the same path. This is something few are prepared to look at because it means challenging beliefs and changing cultural stereotypes that span. You’re right there is much more to it than how boys are raised or the laws that are in place. This is my point. Thanks again. I welcome the discussion. 🙏

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      2. I do agree with you. We need to examine the root cause of it. We live in a patriarchal society where males are brought up in an environment where they see the oppression and suppression of women. The surroundings matter too.

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  2. Its all about mindset and conditioning of children in our society. Dont talk about sex its untraditional but can openly talk about a girl do degrade her is traditional in our society. Well phrased. 👍👍👍👍👍

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  3. Jesus Christ!
    Why is rape such a problem in India? I remember a few years ago when the shocking news of a student who was gang raped broke out, it shook me to the core and reading this just brings back that bad taste in my mouth. I am sorry, I have too many whys it could take all day, but India needs to do something about this crime.

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      1. Gosh!
        Why do you think this is the case? I know this is a tough question for anyone, but I am really curious why rape is such a big problem in India. And I know it happens everywhere in the world but the magnitude of it in India is so heartbreaking.
        Maybe it should be at the forefront of every debate?

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      2. Gotcha!
        So now you have a foundation to start from which should involve everyone starting at home all the way up.
        It’s such a shame for women (and some men who experience this horror) to fend for themselves.

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  4. Not only in India but across the world. Woman have always objectified. Here in the US rape kits sit for years without being processed into the data base. In the meantime the rapist keeps on raping. The judicial system forced the victim to relive the even over and over. Often the offender gets a slap on the wrist or so little time in jail that it is like being raped again. Thank you for bring this issue to the forefront, as it’s always treated as a taboo issue.

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  5. R epulsive
    A pauling
    P unishable
    E xecution

    India just has more people too so raw #’s don’t mean much without percentages.

    I love your syscint and factual information and formating with a direct approach.

    I have 2 nephews who have been raped by their grandfather, a niece by her ex husband.
    Young woman and men clients as well.
    It is despicable!
    The scars and pain still torment them.

    We need to crack down for sure! While many woman are powerful, and educated and independent, a lot more are poor, uneducated and taken advantage of, so we need to empower them.
    While it is NEVER to be tolerated nor is it the woman’s fault, If you are NOT a big srapping strong woman BE SMART AND AVOID SITUATIONS WHERE YOU ARE VULNERABLE.
    It’s common sense to be prudent on all levels as a woman, knowing what we know.
    It doesn’t help having a president that was accused of rape, gropping etc.
    Root causes of narcissism, feeling powerless, getting away with something, how you are raised do need to examined and heavy law enforcement is needed!

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  6. “Liked” not because of the topic but because you are telling us directly and accurately how it is. It seems to be a matter of control, of power. More than sex. Fear and anger lead to objectifying people. For rape, it must be the same, if as a desperate bid for power. But it is horrendous, regardless of the reason. As a crime, it is treated negligently, which makes everything worse, considering some of the things–elections, profit, fame–that are paid more attention.

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  7. Het ergste wat een vrouw kan overkomen. En niet alleen dat moment maar ze draagt het heel haar leven bij.
    Ieder slachtoffer van zo een daad leeft niet meer als voorheen.

    Aum Shanthi

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  8. Exactly, this is what everyone needs to understand. Rape and rape threats have become so common that now we consider it normal. It’s horrible!😣😔 And about the comedian, her comments might have been insulting( though I think that it was taken out of context as it’s a comedic piece and no comedian wants to offend anyone on purpose, it’s their loss only, they will be the ones losing audience), but as you said, absolutely nothing justifies rape and such threats.

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  9. Firstly, thank you for the follow as it gave me an oppurtunity to visit your beautiful blog. I love your topic selections that is the call of the day.
    Our country is on the road of change however still there needs a strong change in perception & mindset of people towards women along with this a strong actions with hearings and punishments need to be enforce so that nobody can imagine to do such hienious act even in dreams.
    Keep writing!

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      1. Unfortunately, whenever there is talk of sex education here in the West there is the problems of people who object to their children being taught about sexual matters – mostly on religious grounds. So, religion is a problem where sex education is concerned. Also many men get their sex education from looking at pornography. They confuse reality with fantasy. There must be many people out there who are mentally sick. How do we deal with them? And, then, do harsh punishments work? I don’t think so. Perhaps rape is just one of the very bad parts of the human condition. And maybe there is nothing we can do in this world which is beset with problems do to stop it. I don’t know the answer. I wish I did.

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      2. I think to some extent harsh punishments will work but alone it won’t do anything.
        Talking of sex education, yes people do objectify on religious grounds and due to many more reasons but we should make an attempt to organise seminars and webinars for parents and explain to them how it would help their kids and some government help would make this work much easier. It’ll be a herculean task to do as openly talking about sex is still a taboo.

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  10. It’s a huge problem that rape cases have increased during this pandemic and it’s really saddening. I like that you mentioned the bit of men and boys getting raped too, people need to know. Thanks for sharing and please if I could ask, who’s Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj?

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  11. Yes, rape is a crime. It’s not about sex. And it’s a travesty when the victim is blamed for the crime. And you’re right, women aren’t the only ones being raped but girls and babies too. The rapists need to be treated for who they are–criminals. Stop blaming and shaming the victims.

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  13. I totally agree with you. Nowadays even animals are getting raped. The other day I read about a dog being raped. It is no more about clothes or asking for it. I don’t understand what clothes should animals be wearing now or could they be asking for it.

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