Islamophobia: destroying peace and unity of India in the time of a pandemic.

Islamophobia has reached its crest in India. Today, as the world battles against coronavirus which has already claimed lakhs of lives, India battles another threat- hatred against Muslims. Muslims are being detained, arrested, attacked, tortured and boycotted due to the emerging hatred against them. Even amidst the pandemic, Muslim activists, journalists and students are being detained and arrested.

Islamophobia is an issue that India is facing since decades but it took a completely different turn when the Indian authorities announced that they found a large number of Muslims who tested positive for coronavirus as they attended the religious congregation of Tablighi Jamaat. (The congregation was not only attended by  Indians but also by the people of other countries). No sooner did this news come to light than the extremist Hindu government (BJP) rulers started giving provocative statements and making derogatory comments nationally against Muslims giving rise to hatred among people. Many of them even called it “Corona Terrorism”. A deadly virus which affected millions of people across the globe, on entering the Indian shores was linked with religion.

The anti-Muslim media even called it “CoronaJihad” and this hashtag went trending on all social media platforms. According to Equality Labs, a digital advocacy group, the “CoronaJihad” hashtag was circulated 3,00,000 times. The Indian news channels came up with demeaning catchphrases and completely blamed the rise in coronavirus cases in the country on the meeting. They even called the people who attended the congregation as “suicide bombers” and “corona bombs.” The Indian media profiled the cases on the basis of religion. Muslims were accused of deliberately spreading coronavirus across the country. The outbreak of coronavirus gave the leaders of Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janta Party another reason to target Muslims.

Just a few months before the outbreak of COVID-19, the government of India passed the Citizenship Amendment Act. According to the CAA, non-Muslim immigrants from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan who had arrived in India before Dec 31, 2014, will be granted citizenship automatically. The National Register of Citizens (NRC) which requires people to produce documents of ancestry to prove their citizenship was opposed to be implemented nationwide. It aimed at identifying the immigrants so it was feared that many Muslims who have been living in India for ages would be stripped off their citizenship rights and would be left stateless if they were not able to prove their citizenship. The act was the first time religion had been used as a criterion for citizenship under Indian Law. The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) also called it “fundamentally discriminatory”.

The result of this act was protests and riots across different states in India. Delhi, the capital of India witnessed one of the worst riots in history. Even in such a sensitive situation, the RSS and BJP leaders didn’t back off in making derogatory comments inducing the supporters of the government to commit violence against Muslims. It ultimately led to destruction and deaths.

India has become an epicentre of Islamophobia. I don’t know when and how will it end. Oppression and discrimination on the basis of religion need to stop. Communalising every incident needs to stop. All religions are beautiful. Muslims are no different. Equality is what we need at this point of time. We need to unite and bring back love, peace and harmony in India.

54 thoughts on “Islamophobia: destroying peace and unity of India in the time of a pandemic.

  1. I am disappointed that u r saying that they r getting tortured,are jb unhone kam aaise kiya h toh uske liye yhi punishment h but i am also saying that not the whole muslim community is like that 😞😞

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    1. I was actually expecting a comment like this. What I actually mean is that one cannot blame a whole community because of few people which is actually happening in the country. Any incident takes place and the whole concern is shifted from the actual incident to the religious aspect.
      There is a lot of hatred being filled in the hearts of people against Muslims by some politicians and media which is affecting the unity of the country.

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      1. I m from IOK… The circumstances we hv put by BJP since 2014 is not condemnable but henious crime… Former CMs and Proindian leaders have been jailed, common man is put in curfew since 1 yr, unemployment has touched skyrocket,,,, And the narrative and label attached to us are that we are ANTINATIONAL ,TERRORISTS AND PAKISTANI…

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      2. I am from haryana, which is a state of india but maine to aaj tk kabhi bhi kch aaisa ni dekha jisne bina kise wajah se muslim community ko blame kiya ja rha h. I have my 3 friends of Muslim community unki tk ki aaise soch nhi h 😔

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      3. You know this is the problem of you bhakts. One post against your point of view and you’re saying ki dikh gaya kon bhakt kon dhongi. I pity you people because at the end this is the only defence mechanism you’re left with. Why can’t you admit that people have different point of views instead of getting offended?

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  2. Hermoso el parrafo final de su artículo:
    “La opresión y la discriminación basadas en la religión deben detenerse. La comunicación de cada incidente debe detenerse. Todas las religiones son hermosas. Los musulmanes no son diferentes. La igualdad es lo que necesitamos en este momento. Necesitamos unirnos y traer de vuelta el amor, la paz y la armonía en la India.”
    Yo lo hago extensivo al judaismo, al cristianismo, y alas religiones orientales como budaismo et.

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  3. No one is born hating another person because of the colour of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.

    Nelson Mandela

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      1. Religious people often not mention secular, atheist and non-religious people, not worthy enough seemingly By the way atheist bloggers lynched, massacred and hacked to death not only one time in Muslim Bangladesh!

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  4. What is wrong in the statement “all religions are beautiful”?
    Also I’m not a dedicated religious person. My post is about how hatred towards one community is affecting the unity of the country and I just wrote down my opinion about it.


  5. Shivani ji, you need to research on the topic a bit more. Also, there is another phobia called as “HINDUPHOBIA” which is prevalent in India since the Mughals invaded our country, Hindustan. Kindly research on Mughal invasion, Partition, Kashimiri Pandits exodus, Mumbai blasts, Godhra train burning and many more atrocities against Hindus. Hope to see an equally beautiful article on “HINDUPHOBIA” soon.

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    1. Surely, I’ll come up with that article too. Also I’ve done all research about islamophobia prevailing in India and yet haven’t mentioned many things in this article as ot is a really vast topic.


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