A year ago…

She looks back at the girl she was a year ago
and sees herself changed like never before.
The one who would laugh her heart out
rarely even smiles anymore.
The outgoing girl is lost somewhere now.
All she does is recollect the broken pieces of life and try to mend it somehow.

A year ago, the girl who had everything in control
isn’t even left capable of mending her heart anymore.
She screams silently to let her pains out.
Sleeping is her only way to escape from reality without any doubt.
This is the only relief she gets
as while awake, she’s always troubled by the thoughts in her head.

A year ago, her life was beautiful and lovely,
but now it’s all messy.
She looks back and sees how time changed her,
from a simple girl to the most complicated girl ever.
She misses her old self and searches for ways to be the same again,
but every attempt she does goes in vain.

Published by Shivani Gupta

Feeling. Writing. Healing.🌸❀

67 thoughts on “A year ago…

  1. We can never go back. The past is done. Only reach for a better now and moving forward. It won’t be the same, but if you reach for better it won’t get worse either. One day you’ll clear the hurdle and then the dark just becomes the challenge that made you a better person. If you ask, there will be things or people that show up to help you through. The dark is awfully hard to escape sometimes but it is possible, and the divine wants us to win that one every time. Hugs,πŸ’—πŸ˜»πŸ’‹

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  2. Very beautiful and powerfull…
    It’snt easy to go again, when we fall.
    We must, to live our life.
    Our dreams.
    Changes are never easy to live.
    But that’s make our personnality.
    And minds.

    Be strong. Fight for you.
    Miss G

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  3. I love your honesty and transparency. It makes this so relatable to me.
    Sometimes I also look at myself now and wish for my past self. But I’ve realised that looking to make this amazing feeling come to us again can also be done if we shape our future towards that.
    Thanks for this post. I love it!

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  4. This is sad however so beautiful and deep. Life is all about change and moving forward to experience life.
    Lots of happiness & smiles to your way.πŸ˜‡

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  5. I think we’re supposed to change, we grow up. And I think sometimes it gets so complicated because we don’t accept these changes that are happening in our lives. We’re so hung up on our past selves to acknowledge these changes.

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