Depression is serious.

Depression is one of the most serious issues, so no one should underestimate the seriousness of it. People dealing with it aren’t just sad or lonely but so much more. Depression makes them feel demotivated, gloomy, hopeless, upset and angry. It makes them even start hating themselves. They start feeling caged and fight a war every single day within themselves, a war no one knows about. The void and emptiness they feel eat them up. They get intertwined in their own thoughts and couldn’t find an escape from it. There’s darkness in their heart and emptiness in their mind. All they come up with is negativity and hopelessness. They feel worthless, hopeless and criticise themselves.

I don’t think that people understand the seriousness of mental illness. But it’s high time now, people need to understand that depression is important. It even leads people to death, a death full of sufferings.

No, people dealing with depression or anxiety are not crazy and those going to a psychiatrist are not mad. None of us has a right to judge and label them that. No one wants to feel left out or unaccepted. No one wants to be treated differently or mocked and shamed for being who they are. But this hypocrite society we live in will never understand this because people are too busy judging, passing comments and bringing each other down.

People dealing with depression need love, care and support. All you could do for them is to listen to their feelings without being judgemental and tell them that you’re always there no matter what. Depression isn’t a joke, and people dealing with it aren’t mad or insane. It is needed to be dealt with patience. Be a compassionate listener to people dealing with it and let them pour their hearts out in front of you and listen to them without judging or calling them crazy. Be supportive of them, motivate them and tell them that you’re always by their side. Tell them how wonderful they’re, what they mean to you and let them know their importance.

Telling them that it’s all in their head or everyone goes through tough times won’t help. They don’t need your solutions or suggestions. They just want to get heard. Meet them, give them a hug, and assure them that you’re there to listen to them. Let them lighten the burden they’re carrying in their heart, mind and soul.

It is completely okay to not be okay. Let us all stop being rude and mean to others instead start being kind and supportive. Let us all stop bringing down others instead start appraising and motivating them. Start accepting others for who they are instead of taunting or disgracing them because we never know what people are going through. Even smiling and cheerful faces hide a lot of secrets within them.

Mental illness is important. It is needed to be talked about. Spreading awareness of mental illness is very important. One is never too late to bring about a change and we together can do it.

Published by Shivani Gupta

Feeling. Writing. Healing.🌸❤

91 thoughts on “Depression is serious.

  1. Splendid post..! I don’t know whether it’s 100% accurate but sometimes it feels like getting sucked in by a black hole and when inside you call for help but no one comes to save you. Thanks a lot for sharing it💕

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  2. Nicely written. I request everyone to please listen and give empathy to those who spend less time together, support your friends/ loved ones. We should all be familiar with the general symptoms of depression so that we can help someone. It’s a wake up cal guys. World needs love & hope not hatred and fear.

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  3. Right…

    Depression should not be taken lightly…or casually…
    It requires a concerted effort from the sufferer and people around him to help him come out of it …. professional help is a must…one cannot run away from.a situation he has to be helped to face it and come out if it ..he has to be made to feel wanted ..

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  4. Mental illness has always been my topic of interest ever since I became knowledgeable about it. It’s almost like something that could pass off unseen in a cancel culture-a culture that doesn’t see beyond the actions of people to realize that they might be suffering. Mental illness ignorance and stigma is a challenge we still face presently. In some cultures, mental illness is passed off as spiritual problems while others don’t even acknowledge its existence at all. It sickens me to think of all the time

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    1. Yes, exactly. In some cultures people suffering with mental illness are tagged as mad or insane so it make more difficult for a person dealing with depression to come and talk about it. All this needs to be changed before we loose more people to depression.

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      1. How I personally rewrite this narrative is by letting people know they have that space to come undone (if they so wish) to me. Affording people empathy. Cause, empathy is the greatest gift we could afford people. It also allows us the ability to see through what is often presented before us.

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  5. Beautifully written, thank you 💛 after struggling so long on my own, it’s great to find somebody who truly understands what I’m going through.

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  6. Thanks for sharing! Very interesting and timely.
    One of my favorite passages is Isaiah 33:24 “no resident will say: I am sick”
    Our Creator, Jehovah God fully understands how our upbringing, experiences in life, and genetic makeup influence our outlook and emotions. The time will come when God will heal us of all our illnesses, physical or mental.

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  7. People dealing with depression need love, care and support. All you could do for them is to listen to their feelings without being judgemental and tell them that you’re always there no matter what. 

    This is so true… You can see also my thoughts about depression… Already Posted… We pray for each other and all those who are suffering because of this inner emptiness…

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