Have you ever experienced Writer’s Block?

Ever feel like you can’t write anymore or you are out of creative ideas or you have some great ideas in mind but are unable to express them perfectly? If it happens with you then there’s no need to get upset. You are probably facing writer’s block. It happens with even the best of writers.

You don’t suddenly become incapable of writing. It does not mean that your creative imagination or the power of expressing your feelings, experiences and thoughts has ended. Your desire to write did not end, it is still alive. It’s just a temporary condition which ceases soon.

There are several reasons for experiencing writer’s block. It may happen due to fear of not being good enough, lack of self-confidence, striving to be perfect (which is not wrong), distractions due to work, calls or messages, procrastination or exhaustion and tiredness.

The question here is how to overcome writer’s block?
There are various ways to overcome writer’s block-
• Change your environment by writing in a cafe, a park or where ever you feel soothing and comfortable.
• Spend time with family and friends. It will help you ease your mind.
• Ask your followers what they want you to write about. You’ll be flooded with numerous ideas.
• Meditate, go for a walk or run.
• Take a break from writing and read books, doodle, paint, cook, listen to music or do anything that interests you.
• Write randomly about anything. Write about what you did all day, who you talked to or just pick a random word and write about it without worrying about the grammar, punctuations or structure.
• Create a writing routine or schedule.

The ways to overcome writer’s block are endless. These are just some of the ways to overcome writer’s block. Don’t get demotivated, lose hope or stop writing forever because once you overcome this situation, you’ll be writing again with the same enthusiasm and passion. Let the fire of writing in you keep burning and shine like a star.

Published by Shivani Gupta

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27 thoughts on “Have you ever experienced Writer’s Block?

    1. It’s good to write when you feel like and you should but making routine or a schedule will help you in getting over writer’s block. One can make any kind of schedule like writing for 15 minutes a day or writing only on weekends. For content writers, freelancers and people who want to earn through writing can’t just rely on writing whenever they feel like.☺

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      1. I’m sure you’re right. Writing as a profession must be very challenging, and probably requires a skill set I will never attain. I admire your dedication.
        I just know what works for me, which (like painting or playing music) means I get fulfillment from writing itself. That way inspiration comes in its own time and it all flows naturally.

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  1. I agree with creating a schedule. I usually feel pressured to type everything out on my laptop. I feel better writing everything down in a notebook. Sometimes I get my best ideas just as I’m putting on foundation or when I’m listening to someone talk. So I grab my phone and dictate notes. Or scribble a memo to myself. I have notes everywhere now.

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  2. I stopped writing forever for about twenty years then a story idea came to me. I sat down and started writing. I’ve been doing it for ten years now. I found the hardest part is to get started. Once I set up a writing schedule and but my butt in the chair it came easier.

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  3. I have encountered writer’s block and sometimes it can be frustrating. I totally agree about your list of reasons, I find it hard to write when my self-esteem is quite low. And I find ways such doing something different and taking a break, very helpful. Thanks for sharing this! 🙂 ❤

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