The Oppressed Gender- Female

The condition of women has changed drastically over time, but we still live in a “male dominant” society. Every society has its traditions which shape the mind and understanding of an individual. We live in a society where males get authority and power over females. Women have always been depicted as weak, dependent and inferior. Unfair and unjust use of authority, power and physical force to hold back women from being independent and equal are happening since generations in our society.

Cultural oppression is the most significant cause of domination over women. Culture is defined as the ideas, customs, and beliefs of a particular section of society. It doesn’t justify the oppression of females. Women abuse exists in every society and culture, but it isn’t the same everywhere. The severity of oppression is different in every community. Women are always taught to stay quiet, talk softly, and remain calm by the dominant forces prevailing in our society according to their definition of an IDEAL woman. The society suppresses the voice of females every time they speak of equality. Females are not given a right to have an opinion, put forward their thoughts, have arguments, conflicts, or even take the decisions of their own lives. The oppression starts from their family itself but gets beautifully covered by the scented love and affection that prevails therein.

Sexists are those who discriminate on gender basis. This mindset is seemed to be natural and unchangeable due to various traditions and myths incurring to thoughts that contribute yet another reason for female oppression. Women dominated professions are paid less in comparison to male-dominated professions. The pay gap occurs due to gender discrimination. Sometimes women are paid less than men for the same job. In many societies, females are bound to live within the four walls and take care of the household. They are not allowed to work. If they work then they’re questioned – “Why do you need to work when your husband earns well?”, “How can a woman having children work?” or “How could you manage work as well as the household?” They tell females that their only job is to produce children, raise them and look after their family and household. They kill all the whims and fancies, wants, and desires of women by confining them within the walls of the house.

Oppression is both a means and a result of sexual violence. Women are told to cover their bodies and faces so that it doesn’t trigger the fantasies of men. Women are displayed as sex objects. Females are threatened, humiliated and insulted to dominate them. In many instances, if women oppose men, they’re sexually abused or beaten to death. Both sexual and domestic violence are used as physical tools to oppress and dominate women.

Females all over the world face various challenges to prove their worth. From the inability to access education to gender-based violence, there is a tale of hardships faced by them. We need to empower the voice of women. To overcome and change this oppression and discrimination, the mentality of people needs to evolve.

“Freedom cannot be achieved unless the women have been emancipated from all forms of oppression” — Nelson Mandela.

Published by Shivani Gupta

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54 thoughts on “The Oppressed Gender- Female

  1. Why can’t we live & think like – We are not male nor female but spirit, energy & soul!! We are spirits having a human experience.
    We are living in 21st century but still men are considered superior to women & I refuse to accept this damm thing.

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  2. I guess it’s always about the Numbers game, like for example you see the society in NE it is very well balanced bec the sex ratio is very high. If we talk about the ancient history, dominance always comes from Power and For being Powerfull you need numbers on your side. If someday, the sex ratio will increase , women will automatically become powerful in the society.

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    1. Yes, it’s about the numbers game but in a country like India due to some customs and traditions, women are bound to live within the four walls. The mentality of people is very important to change.

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  3. I find this post timely. Currently in my country-Nigeria, social platforms are agitating against oppression and abuses that women in Nigeria face, especially sexual violence which is as heavy and gruesome as every other form of violence against women. 11 men took turns to rape an 11 year old girl and a young woman was raped and killed while in church. This makes me being to wonder where we are going as a society, as collective members of the world. What is the fate of women? Why do we have to live the entirety of our lives advocating for our humanity, telling men to threat us like humans too. It is very disheartening to think of, to think about all the various challenges women all over the globe are subjected to, due to social conditioning and constant domination by men.
    I often think of every form of social backwardness as particularly stemming from a base root. And as much as society has continued to dehumanised women through various ways, the problem stems from foundational knowledge and largely from upbringing. If we grow up in an environment that is healthy, it impacts on us intrinsically. This makes me think of an excerpt from your post that says, “The oppression starts from their family itself but gets beautifully covered by the scented love and affection that prevails therein.” I agree to this. The problem we have in our society has always primarily stemmed from upbringing. Homes encourage our actions and we move into the society with this, influencing others and the vicious cycle goes on. A part to finding lasting solution to women challenges in our world today, largely depends on home deconcentization of stereotypes, prejudices and every abuse and oppression igniting strategy.
    Thank you for this post.

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    1. I agree with you.
      Oppression actually starts from the family itself when the family starts discriminating between men and women and gives men power and authority over women.
      All kinds of abuse are gruesome be it sexual, physical or verbal. There’s no excuse or justification for any kind of abuse against anyone. People need to change their mindset for a better future for women.
      Thank you for appreciating the post.

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  4. Such a good post Shivani, I honestly believe we live in a smokescreen world of female emancipation. They allow a couple of highly educated women into government and call it ‘job done’ Keep raising awareness 😀😀

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  5. Quel message puissant ! Merci beaucoup Shivani… Espérons, bien évidemment, que tous les hommes en prennent rapidement et sérieusement conscience…
    En ces temps inédits de pandémie, sois forte, reste prudente, et prends bien soin de toi. Bisous amicaux d’Auvergne (France)

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  6. If we build ourselves up by knocking others down, we become small and insignificant. No gender, race, group etc is better than another. They are just different and we need to celebrate these differences. If we were all the same, the world would be a boring place indeed. We need to stop the game of a man can do this better than a woman or a woman con do this better than a man. Once we stop labelling, we stop enabling.

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  7. In India, we seek blessing from the female goddess “Maa shakti de” and we use that shakti oppressing the females!! What an irony.
    Such kind of oppression must be stopped – Children must be told that fathers beating mothers is not okay, using cuss words using feminine words like maa, behen is not at acceptable. I think this change must start from schooling.
    Hope you continue with your good work and spread awareness.

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  8. Creating a gender neutral society is a highly challenging task. Except for the gender sensitive ones, no man is going to volunteer to bring about this change. And the strongest form of taking the first step in bringing about this change is for every girl, and I mean every single girl, to start fighting the man for her rightful place in the society. It’s easier said than done, but this has to become a revolution if a gender neutral society is to see light.

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      1. I have written a couple of blogs about feminism and gender equality, but I doubt it helped in any way other than establish that I’m a feminist. So just writing about it isn’t going to help anyone, it needs to be converted into actions. I have to make an effort to change, and you as a girl has to make an effort to change me. And the women community, in whatever form, maybe the girls in the family, maybe the girls in the workplace, they all need to come together and push each other to make sure that they fight for their rights everyday.

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      2. Yes, the way we live matter more. Writing still helps as it starts discussions and helps those looking for a way to make changes to find them. I write about ways to bring change – that have helped me, or women I know. Because many don’t realise there are small simple things that can push barriers gently. But firmly.

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      3. True. You write, someone reads it, there is a momentary awareness about the issue and sooner than later it fades away. It’s more important to extract the lessons from what’s been written and inculcate them in our daily life so as to bring about a change. And that is a mighty difficult task to do.

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      4. And more often that not, it’s the women who are already living a liberated life who get to read these messages. I firmly believe that feminism as a social challenge needs to be strongly discussed at the school level so that everyone, most importantly the girls realise the importance of ensuring that their rights and space are not being taken away from them.

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      5. Considering how deep biases are, and how badly written text books can be, and also how varied the journey is for different social groups, I fee it may be better addressed as a personal movement, supported by conversations. Because the struggle often is the biases that mothers perpetuate. And therefore battle therefore is a personal one for many women.

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