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Monday motivation.

You tried, you tried your best to be self enough, to gain strength, to make your heart stronger and honestly, you even got better. But then there always comes a day when you break down. You would just lay on the bed at 2 a.m. thinking about what went wrong and why were you never enough. You’d doubt and question yourself if there’s something wrong with me. Nothing would seem right at that moment.

Suddenly all the strength that you put for days to better yourself and make yourself stronger would go to waste and you would find yourself standing at the same place where you started from. Your heart would become heavy and tears would rush down your cheeks. The shower of tears wouldn’t stop until you force yourself to sleep.

You know, there will be days when everything will fall just like a tree shedding its leaves in autumn. You will break down. Your hope, your strength everything will break and you’ll lose it all but just remember that it will never be the end.

Every time I lost it all, I started all over again. I would ask myself to buck up and make all my dreams come true. I would remind myself that I may not be perfect but I’m enough for myself and so should you.

Everyone has flaws. Embrace them. You are enough. Don’t unnecessarily pressurize yourself. Give yourself a tight hug and move on. You never know what the future holds for you. This is life and it will be over just in a blink of an eye.

Published by Shivani Gupta

Feeling. Writing. Healing.🌸❤

30 thoughts on “Monday motivation.

  1. So true lovely, you are enough and everyone should feel the same way about themselves because it’s all about self confidence. Dreams come true the minute we wake up, that’s when we have to fight for them, nothing is out of grasp if one keeps reaching. Wonderful motivation!🌹💫

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  2. I love the last worlds – everyone has flaws, embrace them. It’s so true and sometimes the culture or society makes us think otherwise about things that go wrong. Apart from lost time, there’s nothing else to it. It’s a mere feedback, the quicker we move from that , the better for us. There’s so much more power in these actions rather than lamenting which the environment around can push us into sometimes.

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      1. Frist thank you for replying, and l am a big fan of have excellent skills of writing.l know you will shine like a STARE very soon.and again you’re very cute.😊

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  3. There are days where we don’t want to get out of bed or do anything. We just want to sit there like a rag doll because we feel comfortable. Unfortunately, being comfortable in life will keep you in the same place. Being confident & self disciplined in yourself will take you along way in life. I also blog about motivation & discipline as well. You should go check it out when you have the chance. A really great message here, i liked reading about, have a great day !


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