Busting the mental illness myths.

1) Mental health problems are not so common

It is found that 1 in 4 people have a mental health condition. One of the most common mental health problems is depression followed by anxiety issues. During the pandemic, the number of people experiencing depression has tripled.

2) Mental health illness does not affect the physical health

Mental health problems do affect physical health and vice versa. Symptoms may differ for different mental health problems. For instance, a person may experience sudden heat waves, cold feet, sweating, fever, racing heartbeat, shivers, breathlessness, tightened chest, tense muscle, headache, stomach issues etc. So, it is important to treat mental health problems rightly as they may lead to severe physical health conditions.

3) Mental health problems are permanent and lifelong

Mental health problems don’t stick with you forever. With the right care and medication, you can fight it. For some people, mental illness can recur throughout their life but for some, it can be cured completely and they can live their life to the fullest.

4) People with mental illness are always sad and pessimistic

People dealing with a mental health problem can look as happy as a normal person, work with all their potential and socialize with people. There’s no specific way to identify a person struggling with a mental health problem. Some people may have episodes of sadness and may feel down but they aren’t always sad or pessimistic.

5) Anxiety isn’t a real illness

Being anxious and worried is common for everyone. For instance, you may go to a job interview or appear for an exam and your hands or legs may tremble because of being anxious or nervous. So that is very common because we experience it almost daily. But when anxiety escalates, it is a serious condition and may lead to anxiety attacks too. Severe anxiety may show physical symptoms like stomach issues, racing heartbeat, tightened chest, body shivers etc. Anxiety disorders can be greatly distressing and unsettling.

6) Medication is the only way to cure anxiety and depression.

Medications are a part of the treatment for anxiety and depression. Different mental illness requires different treatments some of which are therapy, cognitive behavioural exercise, meditation, relaxation techniques etc.

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