Some wounds don’t heal with time.

“Wounds don’t heal with time,” I told myself as I walked through my past once again. Why is it so that every time we try to get away from something, it follows us? Why are we reminded of the same old scars time and again?

No matter how hard we try to let go of certain things, the universe collides us with them. The old wounds which I buried deep inside of me months ago felt fresh again today. Why do you still wear the watch I gifted you? Why didn’t you just break it or throw it away just the way you did with my heart? I saw you trying to hide it from me. What are you so afraid of?

You brushed past me as if you don’t even know me. Just mere eye contact and you walked away like a stranger. Did I not make any impact in your life in these three years, the time when you used to admit that you loved me. But why did you turn around again to see me? Why were your eyes filled with tears which you tried to hide from me?

I believe that these questions will also remain unanswered just like various others which eat me up every single day. Didn’t I deserve an answer? Didn’t you owe me an explanation for everything? Why did you leave me in a dilemma?

You never healed my wounds but clawed upon them which hurt and made them visible to everyone. Today, you freshened them and made me weak again. Today, you left me unanswered again

Published by Shivani Gupta

Feeling. Writing. Healing.🌸❤

71 thoughts on “Some wounds don’t heal with time.

  1. Yeah I know how petrifying and excruciating this is that no matter how hard you try something from the past remains in your shadow and never leaves it doesn’t give anything other then pain and that questions makes it worser
    With the time I have learnt a very simple thing that sometimes it’s not important to get the answers for the questions some questions doesn’t have any answers or some questions doesn’t have to many answers but we always wonder that is it the perfect one
    Life seems like a textbook and we are always curious to answer those questions in it but sometimes there are also some irrelevant questions
    Going through them is a waste of time use it to think and recollect the positive memories of the past .
    If you don’t have any good memory then try to make it☺️

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  2. Yeah true, but some scars are meant for our well-being, especially a broken heart because it won’t break again. We should focus on the good things of the past and that’s the best way to stay in a peaceful state in the present 🙂
    The wounds will heal only when you stop scratching it again and again.
    A nice post, stay positive have a good time 🙂💐

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  3. It always amazes me that when I think of some injustice I experienced fifty or sixty years ago, I feel a little twinge. 🙂
    We don’t forget the pain, but over time, it is not constantly in our consciousness. Life goes on.

    Thought-provoking post, Shivani! Well-written. 🙂 All the best!

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  5. “Why do you still wear the watch I gifted you?” Maybe the watch is that go to throw it away! xD
    Jokes apart, I believe wounds does heal with time. Maybe you still need some more time!! 😊

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