Come back to your home.

For how long will you wander aroundtrying to find peace in other people?It’s been long, come back home to me now.You search for a home by drawing mapson women’s skin trying to find a placewhere you can live,You go to their arms,sleep in them trying to soothe your soul,You present them your broken heartthinking theyContinue reading “Come back to your home.”

Some wounds don’t heal with time.

“Wounds don’t heal with time,” I told myself as I walked through my past once again. Why is it so that every time we try to get away from something, it follows us? Why are we reminded of the same old scars time and again? No matter how hard we try to let go ofContinue reading “Some wounds don’t heal with time.”

We’ve been born in a time..

We’ve been born in a timewhere heartbreaks are fanciedand true love seems like a myth,poems of betrayal and heartbreaks are admiredover the poems of love and nature,the celebrity news catches our attention more oftenthen the real issues ever do,feminism is being used by some to play the victim card,mental health has become just a topicContinue reading “We’ve been born in a time..”

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