We’ve been born in a time..

We’ve been born in a time
where heartbreaks are fancied
and true love seems like a myth,
poems of betrayal and heartbreaks are admired
over the poems of love and nature,
the celebrity news catches our attention more often
then the real issues ever do,
feminism is being used by some to play the victim card,
mental health has become just a topic for social media,
and we still take anxiety lightly,
religion and caste have become a reason for the deaths of people
and the world is fighting over it now.
the agony against rape surges up for a while just when a woman dies otherwise it’s just a matter of time,
men are treated ignorantly by society
and women are still fighting for freedom, rights and equality,
society still values norms and rules more than people’s lives,
suicides, honour killings, depression, and rapes are just an outcome of abiding by these meaningless norms that have been standardized.
I’ve been born in a world that only knows about different ways of destruction
and negligible ways of healing.
For them, destruction is a part of their daily lives.

Published by Shivani Gupta

Feeling. Writing. Healing.🌸❤

12 thoughts on “We’ve been born in a time..

  1. Powerful poem…..it’s true we live in this crazy & unbalanced world….it’s like so many diversions have been created to distort the reality….therefore, I agree with everything besides the heartbreaks….but who would fancy a heartbreak….aren’t we all here to love in one or another form….but heartbreaks are as real as any other pain….perhaps I’m unaware if people fancy that….true, why do people forget about healing….I like your poem very much….

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  2. Thank you. Talking about heartbreaks, some people boast about it as if it is something very good that happened to them. They create a whole story and make a small thing look too big just to gain attention.


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