Come back to your home.

For how long will you wander around
trying to find peace in other people?
It’s been long, come back home to me now.
You search for a home by drawing maps
on women’s skin trying to find a place
where you can live,
You go to their arms,
sleep in them trying to soothe your soul,
You present them your broken heart
thinking they can rebuild it again
and make it whole,
But they barely care
about your good heart anymore.
They do try to build it
but for their own sake.
They make you vulnerable to love
and then leave breaking your heart a bit more,
taking you a little further away from your home.
Little by little,
brick by brick,
they shatter your heart
again and again and again.
You see,
the world isn’t as good as you used to think.
It isn’t as good as you said when you left me,
when you left your home.
I’m here and still waiting,
your place in my heart is still vacant.
I won’t let anyone come in here
because it’s your place.
You do not need to wander anymore.
Stop roaming around to fulfil
your desperate need of love.
Come to me, dwell in my arms,
live in my heart.
I’m waiting.
Come back to your home.

Published by Shivani Gupta

Feeling. Writing. Healing.🌸❀

43 thoughts on “Come back to your home.

  1. Wow, this is amazing. The line about searching for home by drawing maps really hit a chord for me. Odd when I think about it, since I haven’t wandered a lot. But I suppose one can wander with their mind as easily as with their feet.

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