India and pandemic.

The world knows how bad are the conditions in India due to the second wave of the pandemic. Today India reported 3.6 lakh cases. On Tuesday it reported over 3000 deaths. The crematoriums are flooded with dead bodies and people have to wait for their turn to get their loved ones cremated. People don’t even get to see their loved ones, talk to them or bid a final goodbye to them for one last time. I get to hear some or the other relative dying every day and it breaks my heart a little every time I hear people dying. Every second house has someone who is tested positive. Some of my family members tested positive too. Everything is collapsing in India be it the people, the Government or the healthcare system.


We are lacking basic medical needs like oxygen, hospital beds, ambulances, medicines etc. What can be worse for a country than its people dying due to the lack of oxygen and ventilators? Who should we blame now? Everyone is responsible for it be it the common man or the government.

People are still not taking it seriously. We are in a situation when we have to double mask ourselves but some people find it difficult to put on just one mask. They are responsible for their lives but they don’t take it seriously. They can’t stay home for a few days and cannot stop themselves from celebrating festivals and marriages. Even at this point, people are black marketing the essential supplies. I don’t know if they even have a heart or are pure evil. Some people are trying to help day and night and some are using the circumstances as an opportunity to make money.

Talking of the Government, we are losing hopes from them. The government allowed the Kumbh Mela to take place where 28 lakh people gathered in a single day and our Prime Minister called the event ‘symbolic’. In Uttar Pradesh, FIR is being filed against people asking for oxygen on social media platforms. The Election Commission allowed rallies to take place for elections. The dumb people came out to take part in the rallies and the ministers didn’t think for a second to make speeches in public places with gatherings. They did not remember any rules or protocols at all. But the EC did suspend rallies later on but it was too late until then. Now every second person in Kolkata is testing positive.
It has been quite a few days now yet people are struggling to get oxygen. People are dying begging for oxygen. 20 people died in 48 hours due to the lack of oxygen. Innocent souls are dying and there is nothing we can do.

But we are thankful for all the countries helping us in this hour of need (Saudi Arabia, USA, Pakistan, Singapore, UK, China etc.) We can’t say enough thanks to the doctors who are working day and night and staying away from their families to save the lives of people. Hope we heal soon and come out of this pandemic which is much worse than a disaster. We are in this together and we will make it through.

Published by Shivani Gupta

An opinionated girl penning down her thoughts.🌸❤

45 thoughts on “India and pandemic.

  1. This is touching. It’s hard to think of 3000 people dying in one day in a country. The major cause of this as you have said is the people are not taking it seriously anymore and this is not just in India, but everywhere. That’s why there is hike in the number of cases all over the world. May God help India and the rest of the world.

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    1. Its true! You write: «The major cause of this as you have said is the people are not taking it seriously anymore and this is not just in India, but everywhere» Here in Italy every
      day run words and fighting!!!!.

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  2. Powerful yet compiled post.

    Till the time I skip to blame any particular figure but time’s truth is this time everyone facing crisis individually and on the other side a massacre has happened shamefully due to lack of management.

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