Social Media Toxicity.

I’ve been using social media for almost 10 years now. But the level of toxicity I’ve started encountering now was never the case almost 5-6 years back. Social media has become so much about likes, views, shares and comments. Each one of us has become a victim of this vicious cycle. If someday we receive fewer likes, comments, shares or follows, it affects us mentally. We have started to work for the algorithms instead of working for ourselves. I myself experience a change in my mood when I receive fewer likes or comments someday and this is the case with almost every person who is trying to build an identity of their own or trying to get recognition on social media.

Social media has become so much about shaming, insulting, criticizing and judging people for being who they are. Be it, bloggers, influencers, writers or artists, the negative comments of people don’t just leave their way and torture them emotionally and mentally. Social media toxicity is hampering the growth of individuals. For some, writing, blogging, drawing is not just a hobby. It is their livelihood. People make it their full-time work and earn from it so if you can’t support them then don’t even let them down and make them lose their passion.

I come across comments on some bloggers posts in which people tell them to fix their body, facial features, the way they dress up etc. I see comments in which people abuse the bloggers and influencers for wearing revealing clothes and body shaming them. Stop making people feel that they are inferior or unworthy of anything. Stop spreading hatred through your words. Words are really powerful so choose them wisely. They can either destroy or make people’s life.

To every person who spreads negativity on people’s post, who the hell are you to judge someone? You people won’t be able to do even 1% of what bloggers, influencers, writers or artists do. If you can’t value their efforts, then don’t even disgrace them or make them doubt their self-worth because a single comment of yours can lead to massive consequences.

So stop making people doubt themselves, stop making them question their worth and stop tagging them as failures. You are no one to judge anyone else. We are all happy the way we are, we are all comfortable in what we wear and we are all beautiful the way we look. We don’t need to please people. All we need is to please and satisfy ourselves. All we need is to become a better version of ourselves.

Have you ever experienced Writer’s Block?

Ever feel like you can’t write anymore or you are out of creative ideas or you have some great ideas in mind but are unable to express them perfectly? If it happens with you then there’s no need to get upset. You are probably facing writer’s block. It happens with even the best of writers.

You don’t suddenly become incapable of writing. It does not mean that your creative imagination or the power of expressing your feelings, experiences and thoughts has ended. Your desire to write did not end, it is still alive. It’s just a temporary condition which ceases soon.

There are several reasons for experiencing writer’s block. It may happen due to fear of not being good enough, lack of self-confidence, striving to be perfect (which is not wrong), distractions due to work, calls or messages, procrastination or exhaustion and tiredness.

The question here is how to overcome writer’s block?
There are various ways to overcome writer’s block-
• Change your environment by writing in a cafe, a park or where ever you feel soothing and comfortable.
• Spend time with family and friends. It will help you ease your mind.
• Ask your followers what they want you to write about. You’ll be flooded with numerous ideas.
• Meditate, go for a walk or run.
• Take a break from writing and read books, doodle, paint, cook, listen to music or do anything that interests you.
• Write randomly about anything. Write about what you did all day, who you talked to or just pick a random word and write about it without worrying about the grammar, punctuations or structure.
• Create a writing routine or schedule.

The ways to overcome writer’s block are endless. These are just some of the ways to overcome writer’s block. Don’t get demotivated, lose hope or stop writing forever because once you overcome this situation, you’ll be writing again with the same enthusiasm and passion. Let the fire of writing in you keep burning and shine like a star.

Racism in the 21st century.

Someone once commented on one of my posts that “discrimination is human nature and it’s natural. It prevails in every part of the world in some way or the other.” So that person was actually trying to justify discrimination on the basis of some specific ground. But I believe that no one is born discriminating people. We learn from what is told to us, what we see and what we observe from our surroundings.

Racism is an issue everyone needs to think about as we’re in the 21st century but we still judge people on the basis of their skin colour. People have shaped their minds into believing that white is beautiful and supreme and black is ugly and inferior. The killing and lynching of black people haven’t stopped yet. They are tortured and their rights are snatched away from them just because of their skin colour.

Why is it so important to be fair? What is wrong if you’re not fair? I wonder about this and unsurprisingly no one wants to answer this question. Racism is an issue everyone needs to look into as we’re in the 21st century but people are still judged on the basis of their skin colour. People have shaped their minds into believing that white is beautiful and supreme and black is ugly and inferior. The killing and lynching of black people haven’t stopped yet. They are tortured and their rights are taken away just because of their skin colour.

Even in India, racism is a big issue. People here are obsessed with fair skin. They talk about equality but they want their sons to get married to a fair-skinned girl. People try millions of products to make their skin colour fair. Some people point out and mock black people. Some can only put on their status #alllivesmatteror #blacklivesmatter but at the end of the day, they are the ones who judge others on the basis of physical attributes. There are a lot of hypocrites in here.

Racial discrimination is faced by people all over the world. This is how the mindset of people has been shaped. Superiority and inferiority have been based on the colour of the skin. Black people are deemed to be poor and inferior and white people are seen as the privileged ones. So many atrocities happen against black people. Be it lynching, torturing or killing of black people. All of this is so heartbreaking.

No one would’ve forgotten about George Floyd yet or the protests that took place in the US. This was an awakening call for people which should’ve happened much before. But nothing really changed even after such a disheartening incident. Oppressing, suppressing and treating people differently because of their skin colour will never be justified. Let us educate the coming generations about equality, tell them that everyone is beautiful irrespective of the physical features and nurture them in a way that they don’t ever differentiate people on the basis of physical attributes or any other factor.

Equality is what everyone should strive for irrespective of colour, caste, class, creed, religion and sex. Let’s create a better world to live in by restoring peace and harmony.

Everything changes with time.

I remember
when being with you felt like a dream come true,
when your love felt like a blessing
and your touch felt like bliss.
But now, without you,
life feels like a curse.
Each minute passing by seems like an hour,
each night feels like a burden to me
and each day feels no less than a year.
Each tear that falls from my eyes
reminds me of how much I miss you
and each moment of break down
reminds me of all the love I have for you.
I wonder, why do we have to face this?
Why do we have to suffer?
Why do we have to part this way?
We weren’t at fault.
Neither was I nor were you.
Our fate was at fault,
our surroundings were at fault
but the price of love was paid by us.
Our souls were separated from each other.
Our love was eternal
but destiny changed our paths.
Just like parallel paths,
we were supposed to walk side by side
but never to converge.
Yet we tried to fit together in a world
which didn’t acknowledge our love.

I want to be free.

I want to be free
from the clutches of this world
so that I could fly freely in the vast sky,
and chase the dreams, I once strangled.

I want to be free
from the cage of my thoughts
so that I can experience peace,
and loosen up the invisible knots.

I want to be free
from the judgements of people
so that I can be unapologetically me,
and make my life gleam and sparkle.

I want to be free
from the slavery of my soul
so that I can fix my broken life,
and make it whole.

I want to be free
from the feelings of my heart
so that I can love myself again,
and also never fall apart.

How will you forget me, love

How will you forget the aroma of mine?
You would smell me secretly
thinking I wouldn’t know what’s going on inside your mind.

How will you forget the warmth of my hug?
My arms were your home
and, for you, they acted like a drug.

How will you forget the sweetness of my kiss?
You thought it was perfect, the way I planted them
so you couldn’t resist falling in love even with my lips.

How will you forget everything we did together?
The time we spent with each other was special
but now it has flown away like a feather.

I wish I didn’t have to write.

I wish I didn’t have to write
about the pains I suffer,
the feelings I hide inside,
the hurt I never talk about,
and the battles I couldn’t fight.

I wish I didn’t have to write
about the journey of ours,
the nights I cried,
the heartbreaks I felt so far,
and the distress inside my mind.

I wish I didn’t have to write
about the burden inside my heart,
the broken dreams of mine,
the grief of us being apart,
and the reality of me not being fine.

I wish I didn’t have to write
about the miseries of this world,
the hurdles I face,
the love I couldn’t forget,
and the scars I couldn’t embrace.

Rape- a vicious crime

My heart aches every time I hear about the news of rape. Rape is one of the most heinous crimes all over the world. These rapists don’t spare anyone, be it a 5-month-old baby or a 90-year-old woman. No explanation or reason can justify rapes.
According to the National Crime Records Bureau’s annual report, 33,356 rape cases were reported across India in 2018. Out of these, more than 93% were committed by someone known by the victim.

Myths about Rapes.

•Rapes happen because of wearing short clothes.

If only rapes happened due to revealing clothes, a woman wearing a burqa or a salwar kameez wouldn’t have been raped. Did a 3-year-old girl wear revealing clothes that she was raped or an 80-year-old woman wear revealing clothes that she was raped? Rape has nothing to do with the clothes a woman wears but it has everything to do with the rapist. Clothes aren’t provocative, it’s the mindset of people that needs to change.

•If a woman is intoxicated when she got raped, it’s her fault.

So it’s okay for men to drink and if women drink then they’re to be blamed for anything that happens with them. This is what some people actually think. A woman who’s drunk isn’t an invitation for rape. It’s her choice to drink and party late at night. Stop blaming women and becoming a shield for rapists.

•It’s impossible to rape a woman unless she wants it.

To all the people who think so, no woman wants to get raped or forced. Not only women but babies are also raped. Did a 2-year-old baby who can’t even speak properly give her consent? No woman would’ve been killed after being raped if only she had given her consent to do so. How low will you people go in order to not blame the rapist?

•Being in a relationship or marriage is consent for sex.

Marital rapes aren’t uncommon. Marriage isn’t a consent to have sex and neither is being in a relationship. No one gets a right on the other person after getting married. No men can force their partner to have sex. No matter what, sex without consent is rape.

•It’s the fault of a woman if she is raped late at night.

Many people believe that women should not go out alone late at night. To all the people who think so, women do get raped in broad daylight and even inside their houses. So how come it’s a woman’s fault if she’s raped late at night?

•Men don’t get raped.

Most part of the world still believes that men aren’t raped but in reality, men are raped too. They’ve also become victims of this heinous crime. They are suffering too but it becomes difficult for them to even talk about rape. According to a survey, 1 out of every 5 males is assaulted or molested in India.

In many cases, I’ve read and heard people saying about some girl that she deserved to be raped. The reason they gave for saying it was that the girl wore short clothes, hung out with boys at night, drank and partied etc. No reason can justify raping someone.

Recently, I read about a female stand-up comedian who got rape and murder threats on the public platform from a guy because according to some people, in one of her shows, she insulted Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj but in reality, she had no intention of doing so yet she apologised for hurting the sentiments of people. I read a post about it on Instagram and saw people commenting that she deserves to be raped and she should be punished like that so that in future no one even dares to do such a thing again. What shocked me was that people were actually justifying why she should be raped. They had reasons and they argued on why she should be raped. Rape threats have become so casual now. No matter what, no one deserves to be raped.

Rape is the fourth most common crime against women. In India, every 15 minutes 1 rape case is reported yet there are many cases that go unreported. The cases are only rising and not decreasing. Even the justice system isn’t strong enough to severely punish the rapists. Much stricter laws are needed now to eradicate the rape culture.

A year ago…

She looks back at the girl she was a year ago
and sees herself changed like never before.
The one who would laugh her heart out
rarely even smiles anymore.
The outgoing girl is lost somewhere now.
All she does is recollect the broken pieces of life and try to mend it somehow.

A year ago, the girl who had everything in control
isn’t even left capable of mending her heart anymore.
She screams silently to let her pains out.
Sleeping is her only way to escape from reality without any doubt.
This is the only relief she gets
as while awake, she’s always troubled by the thoughts in her head.

A year ago, her life was beautiful and lovely,
but now it’s all messy.
She looks back and sees how time changed her,
from a simple girl to the most complicated girl ever.
She misses her old self and searches for ways to be the same again,
but every attempt she does goes in vain.

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