I wish I didn’t have to write.

I wish I didn’t have to writeabout the pains I suffer,the feelings I hide inside,the hurt I never talk about,and the battles I couldn’t fight. I wish I didn’t have to writeabout the journey of ours,the nights I cried,the heartbreaks I felt so far,and the distress inside my mind. I wish I didn’t have toContinue reading “I wish I didn’t have to write.”

The Stereotyped Men.

“Don’t cry like a girl”“Be a man, carry the weight”“Earn more, you’re the breadwinner of the family”“Don’t play with dolls, you’re a boy, play with cars”“Pink makes you look feminine, don’t wear it”“Be strong, men don’t cry” These are just a few of many sentences that men get to hear from their childhood. They areContinue reading “The Stereotyped Men.”

Let’s talk about PERIODS.

Periods are a significant part of a woman’s life so it’s really important to know and talk about it. In a developing country like India, talking about periods is yet not normalised. Around 71% of girls remain unaware of menstruation until they experience their first-period cycle. Many adolescent girls still struggle to understand what isContinue reading “Let’s talk about PERIODS.”

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