Rape and death of humanity.

A father couldn’t get a last glance of his daughter,A mother couldn’t kiss her daughter for the last time and bid her adieuAnd a brother couldn’t hold his sister’s hand for the last time and promise her to get the perverts who brutally raped her punished.She was cremated and burnt down into ashes in theContinue reading “Rape and death of humanity.”

Social Media Toxicity.

I’ve been using social media for almost 10 years now. But the level of toxicity I’ve started encountering now was never the case almost 5-6 years back. Social media has become so much about likes, views, shares and comments. Each one of us has become a victim of this vicious cycle. If someday we receiveContinue reading “Social Media Toxicity.”

Have you ever experienced Writer’s Block?

Ever feel like you can’t write anymore or you are out of creative ideas or you have some great ideas in mind but are unable to express them perfectly? If it happens with you then there’s no need to get upset. You are probably facing writer’s block. It happens with even the best of writers.Continue reading “Have you ever experienced Writer’s Block?”

Racism in the 21st century.

Someone once commented on one of my posts that “discrimination is human nature and it’s natural. It prevails in every part of the world in some way or the other.” So that person was actually trying to justify discrimination on the basis of some specific ground. But I believe that no one is born discriminating people.Continue reading “Racism in the 21st century.”

Everything changes with time.

I rememberwhen being with you felt like a dream come true,when your love felt like a blessingand your touch felt like bliss.But now, without you,life feels like a curse.Each minute passing by seems like an hour,each night feels like a burden to meand each day feels no less than a year.Each tear that falls fromContinue reading “Everything changes with time.”

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