Open letter to the one who moved on

To the one who moved on.

It was not the time to. It was not the time to let go of me so soon. Maybe it seems too soon to me but too late to you. I just want to know how did you forget the love you wanted to last forever, how did you let go of the girl you planned a future with?

Was it easy to end the 3-year-old love and move on? How did you do that? Because I’m stuck. I’m stuck in a spiral. Every time I take a step forward, I come back to the same place, I started from. But you, you took a step forward and not even for once looked back. You did not look back at the disaster you left me with.

All this letting go and moving on isn’t something I am capable of. I fear I’ll never be able to get over you. I fear that a part of you will always stay with me. I’m hurt to the core. Seeing you with someone else and doing everything with her that you dreamt of doing with me makes my heart pain and my soul scream.

I know, promises were broken, misunderstandings crept in, fights became a part of our routine, love came to an end but we never ended in bad terms then how did everything get bad as soon as you moved on. Why do you not want to face me anymore? Do you fear my questions or do you feel guilty of not keeping your words?

The one who’s still trying to move on.

Published by Shivani Gupta

An opinionated girl penning down her thoughts.🌸❀

16 thoughts on “Open letter to the one who moved on

  1. I know moving on is too difficult for anybody but you ll have to. You have to focus on your goals & let him go.
    Earlier I did the same thing as you are doing.
    I wrote many poems and all. Nothing ll work.
    You have to focus, meditate , get out of your loneliness and enjoy life as much as you can.

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  2. It’s hard to say goodbye to yesterday lovely, and oft times if one can’t face you then that means you were to good for them. Moving forward is hard but staying behind when left behind is only delaying new opportunities that were meant for you.🌹

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  3. For the time being, try to focus on personal interests and do things you truly enjoy. Do what you can to help others. It may not be long before you are ready to move on and will meet someone new when you least expect it. ❀ All the best, Shivani!

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