Love sees no religion.

He performed namaz five times a day and she was a follower of Lord Krishna, the god of love. They believed in their religions but in humanity was what they believed more in. Their eyes matched and hearts pondered. Her eyes reminded him of the shine of the crescent moon that showed up at the night of eid. His voice reminded her of the melody of Lord Krishna’s flute.

Love was growing inside their hearts as it sees no religion, culture, status or caste. They found their comfort and home in each other irrespective of all the differences. They respected each other’s choices and loved with all their honesty and heart. With time, their love grew and they became inseparable.

But the world did not acknowledge their love and they were separated from each other. The detached souls couldn’t convince to let their love survive because, for people, humanity and love come after religion, culture and society. People got so engrossed in protecting their religion and image that they made the world’s biggest mistake.

Their daggers had the power to end the beautiful souls but not the power to end their love. A father’s hand didn’t shiver while killing his daughter, a brother’s eyes didn’t shed a tear while letting his sister die and a mother couldn’t gather the courage to protect her daughter. And once again, the world proved that humanity is dead.

With it ended another story of love, a love which could have lasted forever. With it, the world proved it has the power to end the purity of love and society proved that dignity and the social image is more important than humanity. But some stories don’t end so soon. Their love became eternal just like the love of Radha and Krishna.

Published by Shivani Gupta

An opinionated girl penning down her thoughts.🌸❤

35 thoughts on “Love sees no religion.

  1. Shivani, I think it’s time for everyone to go to YouTube and listen to John Lennon singing, “Imagine!” Can’t humanity move beyond the brutality and violence? Religions profess to be about love. Your story, if not about a specific event, is representative of many actual event. It is very well-written. all the best! Cheryl

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    1. My story is about how love is beyond religion, how humanity is dead in today’s scenario and about honour killing which is very much prevalent in India. As you said, my story isn’t about a specific event but it is representative of many actual events. Thank you for the appreciation.🌸😊

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  2. Shivani, this so brutally honest and well written.
    This is chilling and there is much truth and sadness in the separation and power that feels no remorse to take a life of inoccence and pureness in the name of whatever their god, political power or caste is. My heart breaks for inhumane injustice, and prays for humans hearts to return to love and light. Your truth sheds light as painful as this is and my heart holds the victims of those that have been killed, families who’s hearts bleed and prayers to those who have yet come to the truth. Thanks for sharing! ❤️ Cindy

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  3. Really sad that this is a reality for many. A really well written post. My family has had inter religion marriages for 2 generations and we all practice different beliefs quite happily in the same home.

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  4. Very disappointing how you are shaming India/Hinduism in front of the whole world. Don’t you hear of real incidents about Love Jihad, how muslims FOOL hindu girls? How they breed with 4 women, how they kill and stuff bodies in suit-cases? Even recently, there was a case in Faridabad where a girl was killed in broad day-light when she resisted kidnap attempt by a peaceful…. When will people like YOU give us secularism which has been defined at your own comfort?
    WHY dont you write where boy is a Hindu and the girl a muslim?
    OR are you one of those???


    1. When will people like you stop getting offended by every fucking thing?

      Haven’t you heard of honour killings?

      Very disappointing that people like you involve the whole religion if some people do wrong. Even in your comment how did you involve the whole religion by mentioning Hinduism. Why can’t you just see that they are just people instead of seeing them as Hindu or Muslim? That’s your mentality and I pity people like you.

      I condemn every killing and fraud in the name of religion. I’m against all these fake love traps and hope that some strict laws are made for it. Also, if you love someone then tell them your real identity.

      Also, I have a Muslim friend who is married to a Hindu guy so I do not need to write about everything. I see it happening in reality. But you people are too blond to see love.

      I’m a Hindu and I respect my religion but that doesn’t mean that I’ll disrespect some other religion just because some people are degrading the image of their religion. Don’t Hindus do crimes? 1 out of 5 crimes in India is committed by Muslims but guess who commits the other 4?

      I’m not into all these communal debates. But do not force me to put out some facts that will offend you.

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    2. Also, do read my other blogs too. I’m sure that they are going to offend you a lot more and here I specifically mention for you to read my post on Islamophobia. Take a bit more offence.


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